Frequently Asked Questions
About my art, my life, and my spiritual beliefs

My performances evoke a sense of the mysterious, so they inevitably leave people with a lot of questions! Here are some that I most commonly get asked:


Is there a spiritual basis for your work?

No. What I do as an entertainer is like art, and has no more inherent spiritual dimension than music or any other art form. It is true that a good performance, like any great art, can transport the audience, temporarily lifting them above the mundane personal concerns of everyday life. When an artist or performer gives him or herself fully to the creative impulse, the result can be a transcendent experience. And the more one is willing to venture beyond the safe reference points of what one already knows or understands, the more that transcendent quality can come through in one's art. But this is true in any art form, and is not particular to psychic entertainment or mentalism. And of course, being a great psychic entertainer or mentalist does not necessarily go hand in hand with being a good-hearted person or having a big perspective on life—qualities which, to me, have much greater spiritual significance than any mysterious psychic powers.


If your work is not spiritual, then what is spirituality?

Spirituality shares one important quality with my performances, and that is a willingness to question what reality actually is. But while the questioning I evoke with my art is lighthearted and entertaining; the questioning involved in spirituality is deadly serious. Spirituality, as I understand it, is about asking ourselves the most serious and important questions in life—questions of ultimate meaning and purpose and identity—and it is also about transforming our lives to conform with the answers we find. This kind of spiritual inquiry calls us to think deeply, to engage sincerely with our own heart and soul. It takes us to a kind of depth that is of another order completely than the playfulness and curiosity that psychic phenomena can invoke.


When someone has a rare or unusual talent or ability, we often assume that they are more spiritual because of it. But in the way I see it, our special talents or abilities are not what should elevate us to a special status. From a spiritual perspective, an individual becomes significant because they dare to live in a way that consciously elevates the life we share together, and responds to the urgent call for each of us to really change for the sake of the very urgent times we are living in.


Why do you perform?

Because I totally love it! It gives people joy; it is a way to make a living (and be able to contribute to the good causes I believe in); it is a creative outlet; and like other kinds of powerful entertainment, it has a way of breaking down barriers. I also like the fact that it slightly unsettles people's assumptions about a fixed reality.


Where can I learn to do what you do?

The best way is to spend time under the guidance of a master of this art. (Sorry, but I don't have time in my schedule for teaching.)


I just want to know: Is it real or is it some sort of illusion?

Ah-ha! The whole purpose of my art is to bring people to the point where they ask such a question—but not to answer it. And judging from the number of people who ask me this very question—scientists, politicians, doctors, and audiences everywhere I go—I believe it's working...


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