“Gerard, you should tell people:
In your work you create Mystery,
and in your life you pursue Truth…”

Billionaire Philanthropist

When I’m not performing…

I've always been interested in life's mysteries—the paranormal, psychic phenomena, and peak experiences. But more than any of this, I am ceaselessly inspired by the real mystery that life itself is, and I find my deepest sense of purpose in caring for the future of our evolving Cosmos and culture. In this page, I’ll share the values and vision that inform my interest in the future, and some of the many ways I’m endeavoring to put them into action.


Values and Vision

My performances often blow people’s minds and challenge their ideas about how the world works. They tell me I opened their eyes to new possibilities, dislodging deep and unconscious limitations and fixed beliefs. That’s one of the things I love most about performing – seeing that space for the new, the unknown, and the unimagined open up in the eyes of my audience. If I can leave people with that space, I know I’ve had an impact, even though in my performances that’s as far as I go.


In fact, this matter of challenging old ideas and making room for new ones is something I’m very serious about—and not just in my work as a Mentalist. My personal philosophy and my spiritual inspiration come from a deep commitment to conscious evolution—which means the intentional transformation of ourselves and our culture. And the way conscious evolution occurs is through shining light on our shared values, beliefs, and worldviews—the deep, often unquestioned, fixed ideas we hold about the way things are—and beginning to create new ones, based on higher values, a sense of no limitation and a shared vision of what’s possible.


To me, this is a matter of cultural development and it’s also a matter of spiritual development—in fact, I believe that evolving our shared culture and the world in which we live is what spirituality is all about. We live in a time of great urgency both in terms of our potential and peril. In this context, spirituality, as I see it, is not just about personal growth, self-improvement, or a connection with God or Spirit. I think that as human beings, we all have a sacred duty to help this extraordinary and mysterious Cosmos evolve and become more conscious. It’s up to us to change the world from the inside out—not just to fix the many problems we’ve created, but to create new possibilities for the future through transforming ourselves and our relationships with each other.



My passion for conscious evolution is inspired by the work of EnlightenNext, a non-profit organization founded by American spiritual teacher and author Andrew Cohen.  As a founding member, I have been a practitioner and longtime supporter of EnlightenNext’s work for the past 20 years, and through this, I’ve discovered that it’s possible to become more and more conscious of who we are and why we are here in a way that generates ongoing creativity, freedom of thinking, and enlightened vision and action. I’m convinced that this kind of creativity and conscious engagement with evolution has an extraordinary potential to impact culture, and to inspire in many people a kind of idealism and commitment that is desperately needed in our world today.


Projects and Commitments

My success as a performer has given me the good fortune to meet and form relationships with many very influential and creative people, and opened the door to a deeper engagement with the issues that I am passionate about—the actual work of evolving culture. For example, I’ve had various opportunities to have a voice in the media, been included in high level conversations about what’s needed for the future, and had the opportunity to explore the nature of change with major philanthropists who have the power to really make an impact in ways that count. Below is a snapshot of some of my recent endeavors, and a selection of links where you can read and listen to some of the conversations I’ve had in the media.



1. Philanthropy

Philanthropy is a very powerful tool with so much good will and resources. I’m working together with pioneers in the field to deepen the conversation on how best to channel this positive force for change.


This includes:


Defining the Leading Edge of Philanthropy
I’m creating a document, in collaboration with leaders in the field, entitled “Pillars of a New Philanthropy.” With it, I aim to convey that whenever our values and culture has evolved, corresponding new approaches to philanthropy became possible that we would not have imagined before. It will examine the current leap in culture that is emerging and identify the fundamental pillars of a breakthrough approach to philanthropy.

Engaging and Connecting Philanthropists
My work has brought me many friendships with philanthropists, and I value our conversations about how to deepen our impact in and approaches to creating change. I’ve learned a lot from these conversations and see the potential for them to broaden into collective forums in the future.

Transformative Philanthropy Initiative
I’ve been an active member of this group of philanthropists and philanthropic networks who are exploring the leading edge of philanthropic culture with an interest in more clearly defining and ultimately revolutionizing it.

This initiative supports the spirit of generosity and aims to generate momentum for people to give. I’m a member of the 50% league, for those who make annual contributions of 50% or more of their profits or income. I encourage people to join boldergiving.org (membership is free).


video camera View Interview on Transformative Philanthropy at the Inspired Legacies Conference (6:34 mins)


video camera Listen to Dialogue with Tracy Gary on Transformative Philanthropy (9:53 mins)

2. Deeper Collaborations

Culture is all about what happens between us, and so the process of evolving culture requires that we find ways to authentically and creatively work together, and are willing to honestly and openly engage with our different perspectives, ideas, and the complex issues we face in order to make space for a deeper wisdom. To that end, I’m involved with the following organizations:


Source of Synergy Foundation (SOSF)
I’m actively engaged as a board member of this non-profit foundation, created by Diane Williams, founder of the Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns (NY) at the United Nations, which brings international social change leaders together in an action-oriented think tank whose mission is to support the next leap in human evolution and culture.  


Coalition for One Voice
I am co-founder of the Coalition for One Voice, an alliance of social change leaders from organizations in and around the New York area who are discovering the power of collective inquiry when applied to complex cultural and social issues.


3. Speaking Engagements & Education

We urgently need to create forums for contemplating and engaging with fundamental questions of meaning and purpose, especially for young people as they face important choices about direction for their lives and their role in our society. I have recently had the opportunity to perform and speak to this in various educational and cultural settings, which has only deepened my conviction that we need to provide students with formal opportunities to engage with their values, sense of meaning and its relationship to the choices we all face.


Public Speaking

I receive ongoing requests for events that uniquely combine a short performance with a more in-depth talk about meaning and purpose, potential and change, and creating the future. A few recent examples include corporate strategy sessions, schools, gatherings of Science and Yoga researchers in India, private clubs, VIP events, and think-tanks.


Amherst College
Following a recent performance and talk to students and professors, I am working with Amherst on a proposal to engage students in deeper questions about meaning, responsibility, and care for the future, to enable them to make choices that reflect the needs and reality of our current world circumstances, and the extraordinary potential ahead. Read Summary of my Talk at Amherst College» [ANDREA: link to separate page]


I am also certified to teach Evolutionary Enlightenment, a spiritual philosophy and practice created by Andrew Cohen, which brings together the timeless wisdom of spiritual enlightenment with a contemporary understanding of the evolutionary process and the role we can play in building the next steps for consciousness and culture.


4. Videos, Articles, Interviews, and more...


Deepak Chopra's Wellness Radio (April 2008)
In this second radio interview with Deepak we go into the nature of ego and motivation.

Listen to dialogue with Deepak Chopra about Ego (14:39 mins)

A Better World Radio
an exploration of the next steps in human potential.

video camera Listen to interview by Mitchell Rabin (32:05 mins)

Article on ethics and psychic entertainment
I explore both the motivation to become a performer and the performer’s motivation during and after the performance.
Read Article »

Finalist in Remote Viewing competition
I entered a competition in remote viewing and I’m one of five finalists who will compete for a part in a film.


International Journal of Yoga article
Paper written by scientists who scanned my brain while challenging me to demonstrate real mindreading ability. It was a fun experiment but…don’t take it too seriously.
Read Article [PDF] »


Television Program 1
I’m working on a television special that will use my skills as a mentalist to challenge people’s ideas and promote conversation and curiosity about potentials ahead.

Television Program 2
I was invited to travel to India by a team of top scientists who "tested" my abilities. They ran numerous tests on me including 45 minutes inside a catscan! Here’s a fun clip of what may turn into a tv show.  

video camera Click here to view (3 mins)


FAQs about my performance, my spiritual beliefs, and the nature of my powers… Click here